Lifeguard TRAINING

Lifeguard TRAINING


Registration for Lifeguard Training Courses opens online at and in-person on 2/6 at 9am


The American Red Cross Lifeguard with Waterfront course is designed to take entry level participants with no previous knowledge and turn them into professional rescuers for non-surf environments. Ages 15+.

Course A

$335 / $340 Non-Residents
Pre-course skills test*: 6/6, 5-8pm
Classes: 6/7, 3-8pm; 6/8, 9-5pm; 6/13, 4-8pm

Course B

$335 / $340 Non-Resident
Pre-course skills test*: 6/14, 4-8pm
Classes: 6/15, 9-5pm; 6/20, 4-8pm; 6/21, 10-3pm
Please note Geometry Regents are the morning of 6/21.
*Pre-course skills test includes a 550 yard swim. See other requirements at registration on

Recertification Waterfront Course

Lifeguarding recertification classes are designed to update your skills and to renew your current Red Cross Lifeguarding certification valid for another 2 years. Current certification (or expired by no more than 30 days) in Waterfront Lifeguard is required to participate in the recertification course. This course includes CPR for Professional Rescuers. Ages 15+.

Course #1

$220 / $225 Non-Residents
5/21, 6-8pm & 5/24, 2-8pm

Course #2

$220 / $225 Non-Residents
6/30, 6-8pm & 6/1, 11-5pm

CPR for the Professional Rescuer Challenge

A class for those who have been CPR Pro certified before and who are able to perform the skills and other assessments successfully. People that have never taken a CPR course should reach out to the Red Cross at to find a local CPR course. Ages 15+.
$95 / $100 Non-Residents
5/21, 6-8pm

You must be available to attend ALL scheduled classes. No makeups.

Completion of any lifeguard course does not guarantee employment with the Town LaGrange.

Registration for Aquatic programs open online at and in-person on:
Residents: Tuesday, 4/11 at 9am
Non-Residents: Tuesday, 4/26 at 9am

You must be available to attend all scheduled classes within the lifeguard course for which you have registered. No rescheduled dates will be available.

Refunds will be processed upon written request in accordance with the following policy unless stated otherwise:

  • No refunds within 6 weeks of start date due to, but not limited to, inclement weather, acts of God, dismissal for behavior issues or non-usage.
  • 50% refund up to 6 weeks prior to start date. NO REFUNDS FOR LAGRANGE DAY CAMP unless we are able to fill the spot.
  • A doctor note may be required prior to end of program for illness/accident.




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