Planning Department

NOTICEVerizon is proposing a cell tower 634 Noxon Road.  Verizon is seeking to proceed at their own risk with a balloon test to assist the Planning Board with analyzing the visual impacts of the proposed tower on April 9, 2024 from 8 am until noon.  The public is welcome to view the impacts as a weather balloon is flown at the height of the proposed tower.  The current list of locations to be considered (additional locations may be added) can be found in this link: 


The Planning Board consists of seven (7) members and one (1) alternate member appointed each year for the purpose of substituting when a regular member is unable.

Each member serves a seven (7) year term, with one member’s term expiring at the end of every calendar year. There is no term limit for Planning Board members.

Chris Raffaelli – Chair

Marc Komorsky – Vice Chair

Stacy Olyha – Member
Randy Aldrich – Member
Dennis Rosenfeld – Member
Paul Bisceglia – Member
Walter Artus – Member
Vacant – Alt.

Regular Meeting Schedule:
Business Meeting – Third Thursday of each month – 7:00 pm

Submission Deadline:
2023 submission deadlines

2024 Submission Deadlines

Planning Board Recommended Plantings:

Vegetative Buffers

Street and Parking Lot Trees

All meetings are open to the public. All meetings are held at the Town Hall*, 120 Stringham Road, Lagrangeville, NY 12540