Facts on FIOS

In response to complaints received from our residents who wish to receive FIOS services but have been told by a Verizon representative that the Town is denying these services to our residents, this is
completely FALSE. The Town of LaGrange has reached out to Verizon on several occasions over the years in attempt to have these services available to our residents but we have been told that Verizon doesn’t have any immediate intention on providing this service in our Town. Our State Government
Representative has informed us that this is a Verizon representative training issue that needs to be
addressed. If you have been informed that the Town is preventing Verizon form offering FIOS services, you are being misinformed and may lodge a complaint with our State Government Affairs
Representative, April Horton ( 212-321-8388 or Patrick Lespinasse
( 917-623-6370.

The most recent response received from Verizon is as follows:

“Thank you for reaching out. Verizon has no plans to expand FiOS in New York. We’re sorry if our call
center employees may not be providing accurate information. We’ll send out a flash notice to our call
center employees to remind them about proper communication on FiOS availability. Regarding the
promotional offering in the mail, we’ll work with our marketing team to ensure our vendors are
targeting areas were FiOS is available. If you happen to have an address that received the mailing, we’d appreciate if you would pass it along to aid in our review.”