Public Notice of issuance of Peddling & Solicitation License 6/3/2022

Public Notice The Town has issued a Peddling & Soliciting License for the following:Individual: Sione P. Tua’i (Male) Company: Southwestern Advantage Vehicle: Toyota Corolla This individual has undergone a background check and has been granted thislicense for door to door peddling and solicitation of services and materials offeredby Southwestern Advantage.

Noxon Corners Site Plan Status-4/6/2022

NOXON CORNERS SITE PLAN located at the SW corner of the Noxon Road & Route 82 Intersection (6560-04-672178)The Site Plan being considered by the Planning Board is comprised of 4 buildings with 5 apartment units each, totaling 20 apartment units, as well as parking, septic, well and the creation of Blandings Turtle habitat. Site Plan […]