Animal Control is responsible for handling loose or stray dogs, barking complaints, rabies enforcement, etc., based on the specific town ordinances.

The local law concerning dogs provides that all dogs must receive rabies vaccines, and be legally licensed with the Town by the age of 4 months. You may refer to the Town Clerks Webpage for licensing requirements.

It is unlawful for any dog to run at large unless the dog is accompanied by its owner or a responsible person able to control the dog by command. 


Common Violations:

  • Loud or incessant howling, barking, crying or whining (in excess of 30 minutes)
  • Harassment (chasing, biting, jump or otherwise harass in a manner as to reasonably cause intimidation or fear or to put such person in reasonable apprehension of bodily harm or injury) by a dog
  • Inadequate shelter, food and water
  • Female dogs in heat must be confined in a protective enclosure on the confines of the owner

The enforcement of the local law is achieved through the observation of the violation by the Animal Control Officer, authorities, or through the deposition on the complaint before the Animal Control Officer and Town Justice.  Dogs cannot be picked up merely on a telephone complaint. Dog bites must be reported the the Animal Control Officer and to the Department of Health.

Wildlife Concerns:

If you have questions or concerns regarding wildlife, please contact the DEC at 845-256-3000 or visit the DEC Website to find a wildlife rehabilitator. 

To report any animal neglect, cruelty or abandonment issues, please call the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office at 845-486-3800. For all other animal related calls (other than dogs) in Dutchess County, you can call the Dutchess County SPCA at (845) 452-7722. To report a dead animal on the road, an injured bird, a lost baby squirrel, a dangerous bear, or other wildlife, you may call one of the following government animal services

  • Dutchess County Animal Services (845) 451-4139
  • New York Wildlife Commission (518) 402-8920
  • NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (845) 256-3000

Adrian Cress

Animal Control Officer