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The Planning Board is charged with administering land use regulations and land subdivision for the orderly, efficient, and economical development of the Town. In the process, information and comments from the public are gathered and evaluated to properly consider safety, flood, fire protection, drainage, traffic flow, town facilities, and recreation facilities.

Consideration is given to the site environment, the scale and character of the existing neighborhood, and the overall improvement of the Town.

The Planning Board advises the Town Board on legislation concerning the growth and development of the Town.

Planning Board Members are appointed by the Town Board for 7-year terms.

Town Contact for Planning Board: Eileen Mang

Regular Meeting Schedule:

Business Meeting – Third Thursday of each month – 7:00 pm – please refer to the Planning Department section of the website for Planning Board submittal deadlines and actual meeting dates.

All meetings are open to the public.

All meetings are held at the Town Hall:
120 Stringham Road, LaGrangeville, NY 12540

  • Stacy Olyha – Chair
  • Marc Komorsky – Vice Chair
  • Randy Aldrich – Member
  • Mary Morrision – Member
  • Dennis Rosenfeld – Member
  • Paul Bisceglia – Member
  • Chris Raffaelli – Member
  • Donnie Millard – Alt.