Notice of School Tax Collection – Arlington Central School District

Notice of School Tax Collection – Millbrook Central School District

Notice of School Tax Collection – Wappingers Central School District


Arlington CSD and Wappingers CSD – The tax collection begins on Monday, September 11th. The due date is Tuesday, October 10th. Please note, the tax office is closed on Monday, October 9th.  All non-escrowed tax bills were mailed out on Friday, September 8th. In the event that your non-escrowed tax bill has not arrived by Friday, September 15th, please contact our office so that we can verify the mailing address on record is correct. 


Millbrook CSD – The tax collection began on Friday, September 1st. If utilizing the installment option, the first installment is due by Friday, September 15th.  If paying in full, payment is due by Monday, October 2nd.   All non-escrowed tax bills were mailed on Thursday, August 31st. If you have not received your non-escrowed tax bill, please contact our office. 


Satisfied Your Mortgage? Changed your Mailing Address? Please notify our office.

Selling Your Property, have Town Water/Sewer and your Closing is Scheduled? Order your Final Meter Reading by contacting H2O Innovation at 845-486-1030.

The Receiver of Taxes collects Property Taxes (Town, County and Fire), School Taxes and Water/Sewer Payments for the Town of LaGrange residents only. 

We are open Monday through Friday (except holidays) from 8:30am to 4:00pm.  

Property Taxes: 

All non-escrowed property tax bills are mailed early to mid-January. The property tax bill covers a period of January 1st – December 31st. 

Payments made on/or before February 28th are penalty free. 

Payments due on a weekend or holiday are acceptable as timely the following business day. 

Penalty Schedule:

March 1st through March 31st – 2%

April 1st through April 30th – 3%

May 1st through May 31st – 4%, plus a $2.00 Reminder Letter Processing Fee

Thereafter, the collection in this office closes with unpaid taxes turned over to the Dutchess County Commissioner of Finance (22 Market Street, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601, Telephone Number: 845-486-2025; email:

School Taxes: 

We collect for Arlington, Millbrook and Wappingers Central School Districts’ taxes for the Town of LaGrange residents only. 

All non-escrowed school tax bills are mailed early September and cover a period of July 1st of the current year through June 30th of the following year. 

Due dates vary yearly as they are set by each school district. 

After the 30-day penalty free period, there is a 2% penalty period until the collection ends in this office. 

Thereafter, unpaid school taxes are turned over to the Dutchess County Commission of Finance (22 Market Street, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601, Telephone Number 845-486-2025, email: for further collection until re-levied to the following property tax bill, with a 7% penalty on/or about December 1st. 

Water and Sewer:

H2O Innovation (formerly known as Environmental Consultants) prepares and mails quarterly water/sewer bills with a 30-day payment period.  

Late payments are assessed a 10% penalty.  

The Tax Office receives payments of the bills. 

Billing questions should be addressed to H2O Innovation (formerly known as Environmental Consultants) at 845-486-1030.  

Questions regarding payments should be addressed to the Tax Office at 845-452-1830 ext. 101 or ext. 127.

Unpaid water/sewer bills will be re-levied to the following property tax bill on/before October 15th of each year.

To Pay Taxes or Utility Bills Online, please click on the Xpress-pay it button below. Xpresspay button

For additional information, including the service fees associated with using Xpress-pay, please review “Can I Pay My Tax Bill or Utility Bill with a Credit Card or E-check (ACH)?” below.  

To view, print or check the payment status of Property or School Tax Bills for parcels within the Town of LaGrange, please visit the website:

Pursuant to the VP Branch Manager of our bank (Tompkins), we can not accept Third Party Checks as a form of payment for your School Taxes, Property Taxes and/or Water & Sewer accounts. Thank you for your understanding in this regard. 

Please take note that payments are deemed timely or late based on the postmark that appears on the payment envelope. A postmark dated the due date or earlier is acceptable as timely. An envelope received beyond the due date with no postmark or a postmark beyond the due date will result in a penalty. Not all envelopes receive postmarks. Bulk mail, such as on-line payments from banks, metered mail, and mail processed by USPS equipment that does not carry a postmark. The only way to ensure timely payments through the mail is to bring your envelope to the Post Office on time to have it hand postmarked. Please check the envelope to ensure the postmark is legible. Postal clerks often postmark over a stamp making the postmark illegible.

We do not accept postdated checks.  We are required by law to deposit all payments received within 24 hours.  Our bank will not accept a postdated check for deposit. You will be contacted by the telephone number you provided with your payment and asked to come in and correct the date of your check.  If we are unable to reach you, your postdated check will be returned to you by regular mail. 

Questions & Answers

Paying in person is not necessary.

Mail payments to the Receiver of Taxes, 120 Stringham Road, LaGrangeville, NY 12540.

Checks are payable to Joedy Kievit, Receiver of Taxes.

Certified checks are not necessary.

Please include your phone number on your check.

To ensure timely payment, I advise taking payments that are mailed, on or near the due date, to a U.S. Post Office for a hand-canceled postmark (See “Important Information about Postmarks” above for more information).


We are open 5 days a week (Monday through Friday, except holidays) from 8:30am to 4:00pm for cash/check payments.

The U.S. Postal Service is open 6 days a week for mailing payments. (See “Read Important Information about Postmarks” above for more information).

Lastly, pay anytime through Xpress-pay with a credit/debit card or e-check (fees apply) by clicking “Pay Bill” in the heading above. (See “Can I Pay My Tax Bill or Utility Bill with a Credit Card or E-Check (ACH)” below for more information).

Please note, Tax and Utility payments are prohibited from being left on the premises when the Tax Office is closed.  Failure to comply will result in having your payment returned by regular mail. 

The LaGrange Tax Office is pleased to provide 24/7, web-based, payment options through Xpress-pay.

You can access Xpress-pay from various locations on this website (Xpress-pay button above, clicking the link to the right and found on the home page). 

Xpress-pay securely accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and E-Checks (ACH).  

For your security, we no longer accept credit/debit card transactions in person or over the phone.  

The following service fees apply:  

Credit and Debit Cards – 3.15% + .40 per transaction

E-Checks (ACH) – $1.75 flat rate per transaction

Bounce Fee – $20.00 – In the event a payment is returned for any reason (insufficient funds, closed account or account not found) a bounce fee will be charged and the payment will be reversed. 

A bounce fee can be the result of an error made while entering your routing and/or account number which results in the payment not going through.

The receipt you received is a transactional receipt and not proof of payment.

The Tax Office does not have the authority to waive this fee. 

Yes, according to NYS Law, the Receiver of Taxes does not have the authority to waive a penalty. The Collecting Officer is responsible that no discretion is made in this regard.

Yes. View, print or check the payment status of the last two property tax bills or the most recent school tax bill at Infotaxonline.Com, updated daily.

Yes, you can now view and pay utility bills on line through Xpress-pay from this website.

Joedy Kievit, Receiver of Taxes

Joedy Kievit, Receiver of Taxes

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