About Us

The Conservation Advisory Council (CAC) acts in an advisory role to the Town of LaGrange. Our objective is to preserve and enhance the environmental quality of the town. We have been and will continue to be a climate smart community. We review applications received from the Planning Board and make recommendations on potential environmental impacts of those applications.

In addition, the CAC organizes or participates in pertinent environment related activities and events. Some of these include: 

  • Wappinger Creek Greenway Trail
  • Public Outreach and Education
  • Town of LaGrange Recreation Master Plan
  • Wappinger Creek Watershed Intermunicipal Council
  • Fishkill Creek Watershed Committee
  • Participation in annual LaGrange Community Day
  • Town of LaGrange Comprehensive Plan
  • Wappinger Creek Bank Restoration
  • Wappinger Creek Greenway Trail Tree Identification
  • Earth Day Student Conservation Pillars
  • Trail Bridge Support
  • Mile-a-Minute Vine Infestation Response
  • Town Hall Rain Garden
  • Participation in the annual Hudson River Ramble

Conservation Advisory Council Members

  • Maung Htoo – Chairman
  • Valerie Carlisle – Member
  • Adrian Berezowsky – Member
  • John Sommer – Member
  • Robert Kinkade – Member
  • Ellen Waggener – Member
  • Paul Horstmann – Member
  • Stephanie LaRose Lewison
  • Hank Osborn
  • Nivo Rovedo
  • Alex Desouza

Calendar of Scheduled Meetings


The Town of LaGrange Conservation Advisory Council (CAC), meets the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Town Highway Department – Conference Room,

130 Stringham Road, LaGrangeville, NY 12540.