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                                    Notice to Taxpayers - New Tax Receiver as of January 2022

Notice of School Tax Collection 2022: 

Arlington Central School District, Millbrook Central School District and Wappingers Central School District


Duties of the Office of Receiver of Taxes

The Receiver of Taxes collects Property Taxes, School Taxes and Water / Sewer Payments.

To view, print or check the payment status of Property or School Tax Bills for parcels
within the Town of LaGrange please visit the website: INFOTAXONLINE.COM

To Pay Taxes or Utility Bills Online, please click on the Xpresspay it button


Property Taxes

Bills are mailed early to mid-January. The property tax bill covers a period of January 1st-December 31st.
Payments made on or before February 28th are penalty free. Payments due on a weekend or holiday are
acceptable as timely the following business day. Penalties are as follows:

March 1st – March 31st -2%.
April 1st - April 30th - 3%
May 1st - May 31st  - 4% plus a $2.00 handling fee.  

Thereafter, the collection in this office closes with unpaid taxes turned over to the Dutchess County Commissioner of Finance Office,
22 Market St., Poughkeepsie, NY 12601. Telephone number (845) 486-2025.


School Taxes

This office collects Arlington, Wappingers and Millbrook Central School District’s taxes for residents within the Town of LaGrange. 
School tax bills, mailed in early September, cover a period of July 1st of the current year thru June 30th of the following year. 
Due dates vary yearly and are set by the school districts. After the 30-day penalty free period, there is a 2% penalty until the
end of collection in this office.

Thereafter, unpaid school taxes are turned over to the Dutchess County Commissioner of Finance Office for further collection until
re-levied to the following property tax bill, with a 7% penalty, on or about Dec. 1st.


Water and Sewer

Environmental Consultants prepares and mails quarterly water/sewer bills with a 30-day payment period. Late payments are
assessed a 10% penalty. The Tax Office receives payments of the bills. Billing questions should be addressed to Environmental
Consultants at (845) 486-1030. Questions regarding payments should be addressed to the Tax Office at 845-452-1830 Ext. 101 or Ext. 127. 
Unpaid water or sewer bills, as of October 15th, will be re-levied to the following property tax bill.


We Do Not Accept Postdated Checks

We are required by law to deposit all payments received within 24 hours.  Our bank will not accept a postdated check for deposit. You will be contacted by the telephone number you provided with your payment and asked to come in and correct the date of your check.  If we are unable to reach you, your postdated check will be returned to you by regular mail. 


Important Information About Postmarks

Please take note that payments are deemed timely or late based on the postmark that appears on the payment envelope. A postmark
dated the due date or early is acceptable as timely. An envelope received beyond the due date with no postmark or a postmark beyond
the due date will result in a penalty. Not all envelopes receive postmarks. Bulk mail, such as on-line payments from banks, metered mail,
and mail processed by USPS equipment that does not not carry a postmark. The only way to ensure timely payments through
the mail is to bring your envelope to the Post Office on time to have it hand postmarked. Please check the envelope to ensure the postmark

is legible. Postal clerks often postmark over a stamp making the postmark illegible.


Questions & Answers

Can I view or pay my Utility Bill on-line?

Yes, you can now view and pay utility bills on line through Xpresspay from this website.


Can I pay my tax bill or Utility Bill with a credit card or E-Check (ACH)?

The LaGrange Tax Office is pleased to provide 24/7, web-based, payment options through Xpresspay.

Xpresspay accepts major credit cards, debit cards and e-checks.

How to Use Xpresspay:

From the Xpresspay button at top of this webpage. Xpresspay securely accepts Visa, Master Card,

    American Express, Discover and E-Checks (ACH).  

For your security, we no longer accept credit/debit card transactions in person or over the phone. 

The following service fees apply:  

Credit and Debit Cards – 3.15% + .40 per transaction

E-Checks (ACH) - $1.75 flat rate per transaction


Can I still make payments through GovPayNet?



Do I have to pay my taxes in person?

Paying in person is not necessary. Mail payments to the Receiver of Tax Office, 120 Stringham Road, LaGrangeville, NY 12540.
Checks are payable to Joedy Kievit, Receiver of Taxes. Certified checks are not necessary. Please include your phone number
on your check. To ensure timely payment, I advise taking payments that are mailed, on or near the due date, to a U.S. Post Office for
a hand-canceled postmark.


If my tax payment is only one-day late, do I still have to pay a penalty?

Yes, according to NYS Law, the Receiver of taxes does not have the authority to waive a penalty. The Collecting Officer is responsible
that no discretion is made in this regard.


Can I view, print or check the payment status of tax bills online?

Yes. View, print or check the payment status of the last two property tax bills or the most recent school tax bill at,
updated daily.

Town of LaGrange, New York

Town Hall
120 Stringham Road
LaGrangeville, NY 12540

Hours: Monday through Friday 8:30am - 4:00pm


Ext. 101 - Joedy Kievit, Receiver of Taxes
Ext. 127 - Margaret Montuori, Deputy Rec. of Taxes

Fax:   845-452-2289

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