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Public Works


Water and Sewer Scheduled repairs & EMERGENCIES

Illicit Discharge to Stormwater Hotline:  845-452-8562

Financial Issues Due to Covid 19:  If  you have experienced financial issues that have affected your ability to pay your water and sewer bills, please click on this link - Covid 19 Assistance

The Department of Public Works (PW) is responsible for the planning, construction, maintenance and implementation of Town of LaGrange infrastructure, specifically water, sewer and stormwater. The Department, also, ensures compliance in all phases of project development after Planning Board approval pertaining to infrastructure.

In regards to Town infrastructure, PW manages all water, sewer, stormwater, lighting and sidewalk special districts as well as new districts & district extensions. The Department oversees the Town's operators, Environmental Consultants, and assists district residents with issues or concerns they may encounter. PW also is responsible for short and long term capital infrastructure planning to ensure compliance with Federal, State and County regulations. PW manages the current infrastructure to ensure it can meet or exceed its life expectancy and to anticipate future infrastructure needs.

Stormwater management and compliance with MS4 regulations is also under the jurisdiction of PW in conjunction with the Town Highway Superintendent. The Department regularly assists residents throughout the Town with drainage issues and assists with mitigation, in addition to management of stormwater special districts. The Administrator of PW is the Stormwater Management Officer for the Town, which entails enforcement of all NYSDEC MS4 requirements. PW is also responsible for the protection and compliance of all classified wetlands within the Town.


If you are experiencing any  service problems please call 845-452-8562 or email  If you are experiencing an after-hours emergency - please contact Environmental Consultants at 845-486-1030.



GRANDVIEW WATER DISTRICT:   CONSTRUCTION is starting on Monday, September 27, 2021.  If you are a resident of that water district and is interested in specific updates to this project, please email  and you will be added to the project's email list.  Periodic water service shut downs will occur after the new water main is installed, tested and authorized for operation by Dutchess County Health Department.  Thank you for  your cooperation and patience!


Due to covid delays, the Town is still in the approval process with this project.   If you  have any questions, please contact the Public Works office: or 845-452-8562.  Thank you for your patience and continued cooperation.


Forms and Applications:

The following is a list of forms for permits required by the Department of Planning & Public Works:


Please be aware that some applications are required to include all fees, plans, supporting documentation (as required by Town Code), executed Acknowledgment of Escrow Policy Form, and Environmental Assessment Form;  incomplete submissions will not be accepted.  Please click the following links for the Town's Escrow Policy and Acknowledgement Form:


Application Fees:

Public Works Fee Schedule

Annual Reports:

2020 - 2021 Town of LaGrange MS4 Annual Report

2015 Certified Backflow Detectors/Device Testers

Annual Drinking Water Quality Reports for distribution in 2021 (covering the reporting for 2020) by District:

Manchester ~ Titusville ~ Deerfield ~ Noxon Knolls ~ Southwest ~ Mapleview Districts

Town Center Water Improvement Area ~ Harvest Ridge District

Grandview Water District

Which Special Districts (Water/Sewer/Stormwater) are you in?

Dutchess County Parcel Access Link

Directions to find out what district you are in:

  1. Select “Town of LaGrange” at the top right hand side of your screen;
  2. Enter the last 6 digits of your parcel number/hit the Owner tab and enter the property owner’s name/hit the address tab and enter the physical address of the property -  in the column to the right of the aerial map of Dutchess County.  Hit the ‘go’ button;
  3. Select your property in that same column;
  4. Select the “Full property card” option (in red) at the bottom of that column;
  5. Scroll down the pop-up screen to the bottom until you reach the “Special District Information;”
  6. The district(s) your property is in will be listed, as will the benefit units.

Do your part to keep our waterbodies clean!


Town of LaGrange, New York

Town Hall - Lower Level
120 Stringham Road
LaGrangeville, NY 12540

Phone:   845-452-8562
Fax:   845-452-7692

Wanda Livigni - Administrator of  Public Works
Dwayne Hicks - Secretary to Administrator of Public Works

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