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Hello LaGrange Community!

Who says you can’t go home?! After two years running Dutchess County Parks, I have returned to my former position of Parks & Recreation Director for this community that means so much to me. I am excited to be back to lead this great team and to return to some things that are dear to my heart.

I left at the beginning of Covid and am returning to you after you have experienced a tiring and trying period of devastating storms and challenges that have worn you down. These two years have been draining on all of us and many are left feeling weary. I am here to tell you that this is the year that we change all that! Together, we are going to Rekindle the Flame that makes this community burn bright.

At the heart of this town lies a warmth that has always been the soul of who we are. We are going to light that spark beginning with our traditional Community Day on June 11th! From there we will be fueling your passion for live music with the continuation of our concerts at the Freedom Park bandshell. Stay tuned for Parks & Recreation Month in July as we “Rise Up” from the ashes this year and will be sharing some creative ways for you to find your spark!

Rekindling the Flame will happen in a variety of ways and you will feel that flame grow throughout our parks and programs. As restoration efforts continue at Freedom Lake, new amenities will come into the parks to replace what was lost. Also, look for our Little Woods nature play trail to see some love again.

We are here to ignite what burns within you… and to fuel that across this very special community. Are you ready to be a firestarter? I can already see the glow…

With excitement,





Town of LaGrange, New York

Town Hall
120 Stringham Road
LaGrangeville, NY 12540

Phone: 845-452-1972


Sandy Washburn - Parks & Recreation Director
Trish Donohue - Recreation Assistant
Traci Meyer - Recreation Marketing Assistant

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